The Proven DIY Bath Resurfacing Kit

The Tubby DIY Bath Tub Resurfacing Kit is a durable two-part epoxy-based coating for renovating baths. This proven formula works on worn out, discoloured or badly stained surfaces - saving hundreds of euros on the cost of replacement or expensive resurfacing treatments.

A Versatile Kit for Many Surfaces

A TUBBY kit can be used on cast iron (enamel) baths, steel, plastic, fibreglass, pressed steel and acrylic baths. It will even cover ceramic and porcelain surfaces which means the entire bathroom suite can be transformed for relatively little expense. Tubby can be used on bathroom sinks, shower trays, toilet exteriors and bidets. It can also rejuvenate finely cracked or ugly tiles (one kit will cover 8 square metres coated once). Even washing machines, dryers, fridges and freezers can benefit from a hygienic 'as-new' finish.

One Kit - One Bath

A TUBBY DIY Bath Resurfacing Kit contains enough material to coat one large bath tub. The two coat application process means that it will cover four square metres. All utensils to do the job are included in the kit. No other tools are necessary.

Simple Step-By-Step Application


Frequently Asked Questions

Replace or Resurface?

The cost involved in replacing a bathtub, a job which would also require tiling, plumbing and the purchase of the bathtub itself, is phenomenal when compared to the price of purchasing a Tubby Resurfacing Kit.
If you are lucky enough to have a good quality bathtub already, even if it is stained or worn looking, the best advice we can give is to hold on to it if at all possible. The quality of new bathtubs is not what it used to be, so why go to such excessive cost and hassle for an inferior product when you can resurface your own good quality bathtub like new.

Can I Resurface My Other   Bathroom Fittings or Just My Bathtub?

Yes, the material used in the Tubby Resurfacing Kit is suitable for use on basins, bidets, toilet exteriors, tiles and even white goods. The material was designed and manufactured with the whole suite in mind.

How Long Will The Process Take?

The whole process should be completed in approximately 3 hours with the bathtub fully cured and ready to use in 48 hours.

How Long Will It Last?

Every bathtub or basin etc.. is different, so there is no definitive answer here. What we do know is, with a small bit of care and attention and the material correctly applied according to the instructions, it should last for many, many years. Preparation is the key when it comes to resurfacing. If the bathtub is prepared properly before application, your newly resurfaced bathtub or basin, etc.. will last for years.

Can It Be Done More Than Once?

No Problem! If you've had a bathtub or suite resurfaced before, perhaps by a professional resurfacing company, and you feel it could do with a freshening up but don't want the expense and hassle of having the professionals do it again, the Tubby Kit is perfect. Just contact us for advice on how to properly remove the surface that's on it. A bathtub can be resurfaced as many times as you like meaning you never have to replace!

What colours are available in the Kit?

We only stock the Tubby Kit in white. There is not enough demand for colours (not since the '70's...)

Can TubbyIreland resurface my bath for me?

Yes we can resurface your bath for you if you are in Dublin or surrounding counties. Please contact us directly for further information.

€95.00 incl. p&p

Currently Out of Stock!

€95.00 incl. p&p

Currently Out of Stock!

Does Tubby Ireland ship to Europe?

Yes we do! Please contact us directly for more information

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